Jun 7, 2012

June 7 2B

* Meet at 212!
* Hand in your Learning Log to your SA.

1. Song: Monument of Me (Worksheet)(YouTube)(Quizlet)

2. Grammar: Relatives

3. Difficulties of living in Japan
Listen to what he's talking about friendship in Japan. (Worksheet)(Quizlet)

Q1) What do you think?
Q2) Do you agree with him? Does that apply to you?
Q3) What do you usually do to hang out with your friends? 
Q4) What do you usually do when you have free time? 

4. Talk about what you usually do when you have free time.

5. Learn these words/phrases to talk about Japan (Quizlet Flashcards & Test (40問))

6. Read about Japanese culture: Manga!! (Quizlet: Flashcards & Test)
* Use dictionaries, including Eijiro (ALC) and POPJisyo.

7. Find one article about you're interested in! (Pair)
* Here's a list of useful websites (find useful info & expressions, but don't copy & paste them) :

  • Make a comment on your classmates' video presentations. Good questions are welcome. 
  • Check your presentation and make a reply to the comments you get. 
  • What I usually do in my free time

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