Jun 5, 2012

1B4 June 5

★ Hand in your Learning Log to the SA.

1. Song: Lemon Tree

2. Story-telling video (Review) : You did a great job last week!
  • (1) Go to your posts, and leave some comments about your first video. (初トライの感想) What was difficult for you? What was fun? ← Homework! (If you didn't do it in class)
  • (2) Check out the comment from me, and pick out 5 words or phrases you want to learn. Please write them down in your comment.  
New! → Quizlet Flashcards & Test (40問)

3. Listen to what he's talking about friendship in Japan. (Worksheet)(Quizlet)
Q1) What do you think?
Q2) Do you agree with him? Does that apply to you?

4. Talk about what you usually do when you have free time.

5. Prepare for the 2nd story-telling

Homework: Blog posting 

  • Title: "What I usually do (in my free time, after school, etc.)" 
  • Deadline: Sunday 
  • 新しい投稿用アドレスが分からない場合、友達に聞くか、メールを確認するか、私宛に質問メールをください。

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