Jun 21, 2011

I love Hawaii too!

Yusuke talks about Hawaii : MYAM's Class Blog: The place I want to visit G1 Yusuke

I went there for the first time this January, and I love Hawaii! The sky, ocean, beaches and trees were all beautiful and made me feel happy.

I loved relaxing on the beach. I felt so nice and relaxed that I fell asleep. I slept about an hour until an attendant woke me up.

Also I enjoyed walking around. One of my favorite places was a park whose name I've forgotten. There were some unusual trees, like this famous banyan tree. I was first surprised at the size. How big it was!

Looking closer, I was surprised again to find what I thought was a trunk was actually a bunch of roots (I thought they were branches then).

Roots grow from branches and reach the ground. Amazing!

The beach was nice at dusk too. People enjoyed walking, and even swimming at night.

I'd love to go to Hawaii again!

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  1. Hi,I'm oyu.
    It is a beautiful landscape.