Jun 23, 2011

Stupid of me!

The other day, I dropped by at Book 1st at Hankyu Rokko and bought a 2-volume book.

On the train I took one out of the bag, and thought:"Oh this is Volume 2." Then I took the other. That was again Volume 2. Oh my goodness! I bought two copies of Volume 2.

I had no Volume 1 but I needed something to read on the train, so I just started to read Volume 2.
Luckily, that was still interesting, but how stupid of me!

The next day, I went to a bookstore near my house, and bought several books and comics.

After reading the comics, which satisfied me, I noticed these two books.

"What ARE they?", I said to myself.

I didn't even know I bought those books! What happened?

I remembered I put the books I had selected on the books displayed flat, because I wanted to use both of my hands to take a look at other books. When I finally selected the last book, I just put it on the books I had selected before. I was so careless that I lifted not only what I wanted but also what I didn't want. I was't interested in them at all and I didn't even open them...

I'll never do that again!!!

Originally posted on Nov. 29, 2007

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