Jun 7, 2011

Hotter Summer?

Below is today's Jaremaga. Yes, the rainy season has already started this year. It marked the second earliest start on record in Kanto (Yomiuri Online). I do hope summer is just as hot and long as usual, or a bit milder than last year.

I moved from Osaka last year expecting summer to be milder here in Chiba than in Osaka, but it was much hotter than expected. However, I remember I could still live without much airconditioning. Maybe it won't be very hard for me to try not to use my air conditioner.

The weather is strange these days. The typhoon season used to start in summer, but we had our first typhoon in May this year. Then the rainy season started a few weeks earlier than usual. I am beginning to get worried about summer. If it is longer and hotter than usual, people will keep their air conditioners on and use a lot of electricity. If you get very hot this summer, try not to use your air conditioner. Take a cold bath instead. (じゃれマガ 2011年06月07日号)
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