May 11, 2009

Grammar W5

Unit 4 Everyday Activities

1. Review Quiz (空間の前置詞・存在表現)
2. ブログポスト (部屋の描写:ペア&個人)→間違い探し!(復習)
3. 現在形・現在進行形
  • テキスト練習問題
  • 進行形にならない動詞
  • ペアQ & A (*she を主語にしてサマリー)
  • 絵の描写
*** Useful Expressions: routines & habits(日課・習慣)

get up at [7] o'clock
get up late
take a shower
wash [my] hair in the morning
makes breakfast
drinks coffee
have [miso soup] for breakfast
take a walk
walk my dog
feed my dog

wear [pants] to school
study in the library
get my lunch [at the cafeteria]
work part-time after school
use a computer
visit [friends/relatives]
go to the movies
go to karaoke

help my mother [cook dinner]
do the dishes
clean my room
make phone calls to my friends
do my homework
watch TV in the evenings
play computer games
stay up late
take a bath
go to bed before [10] o'clock

  • ブログ投稿: 「よくすること・めったにしないこと」(自分・家族・友人などについて)
  • 予習:リスニング問題もしておくこと (ESL Lab) 


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