May 4, 2008

Mideast Barbie doll Fulla

Middle East Online イスラム版バービー人形

Isn't it interesting?

Here's Mr. Jarrel's message related to this story:
In Japan you have the Rika doll.
In the U.S. we have the Barbie doll.
Barbie and Rika wear mini-skirts and bikinis.
That’s not a problem in Japan or the U.S., but Barbie is popular in Iran, an Islamic country.
The leaders of Iran think that she is bad for their children.
A government agency ("seifukeikikan") designed twin dolls named Dara and Sara for Iranian children.
They act and dress the right way for an Islamic country.
---じゃれマガ 2008年04月30日号

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