May 26, 2008

Hawaiian language

Hawaiian language - Wikipedia
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* 専門用語では HCE (Hawaiian Creole English)

Da Kine Dictionary
da = the として(じゃないのかな?)、kineって何だろ。
e - Hawaii によると:
da kine(duh kai-n)
Definition: much like the word Aloha, da kine has multiple definitions, meanings and uses. Mostly, it is used when trying to explain something when you can't think of the words.
Used In A Sentence: Remember when we wen go to da kine's party, suck um up wit da kine dem and den da kine?
In English?: My favorite memory was when we went to that party at Robert's house, drank some of that nice chardonnay with Peter folks and then fell fast asleep. What party animals we are aren't we?


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