Jan 7, 2009

VOA Special English - Weekly Report

Scientists Work to Improve Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis
On SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: Researchers have yet to find a cure, but they are developing a better understanding of the disease.

Giving Grasslands a Rest
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: How rotational grazing works.

Do-It-Yourself: How to Dry or Smoke Fish, Part 2
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Last week we described how to prepare fish by cleaning and salting them. Now, the next steps.

Do-It-Yourself: Preparing Fish for Drying or Smoking
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Rule number one: begin with fish that are just out of the water. First of two parts.

............... 魚の干物/燻製の作り方:要チェック☆☆☆☆

Exploring the Finger Lakes and Lake Champlain
On THIS IS AMERICA: Champlain borders the states of New York and Vermont as well as Quebec, Canada. The Finger Lakes are in central New York.

Baloney: It's Just Not True
Expressions used to describe false, wrong or foolish things.

Susan Sontag, 1933- 2004: One of America’s Most Influential Thinkers of the Twentieth Century
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: Sontag was famous for her serious studies about popular art forms. Her criticism and observations often angered readers.

Short Story: ‘Luck’ by Mark Twain
On AMERICAN STORIES: An English soldier is ‘lucky’ in everything he does.

Barack Obama’s Election Voted Top News Story of 2008
On IN THE NEWS: Yearly AP top ten list includes the economic crisis and the rise and fall of oil prices.

The Growing Credit Crisis Forces Many Companies to Seek Government Help
On ECONOMICS REPORT: As the credit crisis grew worse, companies sought loans and aid from the government. The Treasury’s answer was a seven hundred billion dollar rescue plan.

Rhythm and Blues Singer Jazmine Sullivan Is Getting Noticed for Her Edgy, Emotional Music
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: Learn how American Mosaic was born. And hear about a museum filled with design objects that tell a story of political, social and technological change.

American History Series: New President Deals with Old Problems
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: Martin Van Buren must deal with the same economic and political troubles as Andrew Jackson.

In Treating Hypothermia, Slow and Gentle Are Best
On HEALTH REPORT: Sudden movements of cold blood in the body can cause shock and a heart attack. Second of two reports.

Mesa Verde National Park: Protecting the Culture of Ancient Native Americans
On EXPLORATIONS: The park has more than five thousand ruins from the time of the Ancestral Puebloan people. Six hundred are cliff dwellings.

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