Dec 31, 2008

VOA Special - Weekly Report

Let It Snow!
On SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: Everything you ever wanted to know about snow.

Finding Uses for Marginal Lands
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: Farmers can try planting grasses and forage crops for their animals. Trees are another possibility.

Do-It-Yourself: Preparing Fish for Drying or Smoking
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: Rule number one: begin with fish that are just out of the water. First of two parts.

Music for a Day When Memories and Hopes Meet at Midnight
On THIS IS AMERICA: The traditional "Auld Lang Syne" is not the only song that could make people think of old friends at the New Year.

Remembering Five Interesting Americans
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: We remember David Foster Wallace, Odetta, Irvine Robbins, Cyd Charisse and George Carlin.

The White Heron
Written by Sarah Orne Jewett

Oil Prices Collapse on Falling Demand
On IN THE NEWS: Some oil-producing nations face their first budget deficits in years as oil prices drop sharply. And Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warns that the world can expect higher natural gas prices.

Countrywide and Bear Stearns Started the Year’s Slide into Financial Crisis
On ECONOMICS REPORT: At the start of the year, it was well-known that the housing market was in crisis. But few predicted that bad loans would bring down one of Wall Street’s biggest investment banks. First of two parts.

Read All About It! Some of the Best Books of 2008
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: Several popular year-end movies. And four songs by musicians we enjoyed this year.

Christmas in America During the 19th Century
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: Christmas slowly developed into a national holiday that combined traditions from many cultures

Want to Stay Warm in the Winter? Think COLD
On HEALTH REPORT: Four steps to take to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.

Four More People Who Are Making a Difference
On EXPLORATIONS: These activists, young and old, are helping others in special ways.

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