Dec 9, 2008

VOA Special English - Weekly Report

VOA Special English

Mapping the Genes of the Woolly Mammoth (No Living Example Needed)
Also on SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: An American researcher finds an unusual-looking insect in Brazil. And a warning about letting children have exotic pets.

Soil Erosion Threatens Chinese 'Breadbasket'
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: A study says more than one-third of China's territory is being damaged by wind and water, largely because of farming and forest loss.

Trying to Live With a Recession in the World's Largest Economy
On THIS IS AMERICA: Millions of Americans have cut their spending as they worry about keeping their jobs and their homes. Yet spending helps drive the economy.

Need Soap? Make Your Own
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: A simple way to make soap from oil, water and potash.

Dog Talk: Every Dog Has His Day
Dog-related expressions

Philo Farnsworth, 1906-1971: The Father of Television
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: He first thought of the idea of an electronic television when he was only fourteen years old.

India Works to Gather Evidence in Deadly Attacks in Mumbai
On IN THE NEWS: One of the first issues that will face Barack Obama's foreign policy team is what to do about the India-Pakistan conflict.

US Automakers Ask Congress for $34 Billion in Aid
On ECONOMICS REPORT: The chiefs of the Big Three returned to Washington -- in hybrid vehicles this time, not private jets -- to renew their appeal for a rescue. Also, the Treasury considers a plan to help increase home sales.

More and More Bloggers Are Expressing Their Thoughts and Opinions on the Internet
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: A question from China about Bobby Fischer. And music by the 18-year-old singer Taylor Swift (pictured).

American History Series: Jackson's Victory Over the Bank of the US
On THE MAKING OF A NATION: "A glorious triumph," the president declares after the power of the bank was broken.

Foreign Student Series: Admissions Tests
On EDUCATION REPORT: In part 13, we start to discuss entrance exams. Also, a new report warns about the rising costs of higher education in the U.S.

Study Looks at Mental Health of College-Age Adults
On HEALTH REPORT: Researchers in the U.S. say almost half appear to have at least one psychiatric disorder, but few seek treatment.

The Castillo de San Marcos: Ships, Explorers, Pirate Attacks and Wars
On EXPLORATIONS: The old military base is in the oldest permanent European settlement in the United States -- Saint Augustine, Florida.

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