Sep 17, 2008

VOA Special English - Weekly Report (Sep. 17)

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VOA Special English
Weekly Report:

Six Different Liver Diseases, All Known by a Common Name: Hepatitis
On SCIENCE IN THE NEWS: Learn about the different viruses, and how some can be prevented.

Finding the Biological Roots of a Virus That Ruins Maize Crops
On AGRICULTURE REPORT: A severe form of maize streak virus in Africa and Asia may have formed from two mostly harmless viruses in grass. Scientists hope knowing this will help point to a cure.

For Rural Poor in India, a Better Rat Trap Makes a Big Difference
On DEVELOPMENT REPORT: A case study of how the Irulas in Tamil Nadu state improved their lives.

When Songwriters Leave Their Heart in a City, San Francisco or Any Other
On THIS IS AMERICA: From coast to coast, "New York, New York" to "I Love L.A.," we fly through a collection of songs about favorite American cities.

Franklin Roosevelt, 1882-1945: One of the Greatest Presidents in American History
On PEOPLE IN AMERICA: He was elected president four times. He served more than twelve years, longer than any other president. He led the nation through its worst economic crisis, and through one of its worst wars.

Wars, Politics and Memories of a Day That Defined a Presidency
On IN THE NEWS: Americans remembered the September 11, 2001, attacks. Earlier, President George Bush said some troops will come home from Iraq and more will go to Afghanistan.

Too Big to Fail, the Next Step: US Seizes Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
On ECONOMICS REPORT: The government plans to invest billions after taking control of the huge mortgage-finance companies.

Willie and Wynton Have the Blues -- and a Hit Album | Questions: Ramadan in America, How US Bought Alaska From Russia
Also on AMERICAN MOSAIC: We answer questions about Ramadan observances in America, and about how the U.S. bought Alaska from Russia.

Foreign Student Series: An Introduction
On EDUCATION REPORT: We start an updated series of programs for anyone interested in higher education in the U.S.

Teenagers and Pregnancy
On HEALTH REPORT: Experts see some troubling signs after years of decrease in teen pregnancy and birth rates in U.S.

Shadow Wolves Find and Arrest People Trying to Bring Drugs Into US
On EXPLORATIONS: These American Indian trackers use ancient skills and modern technology to find drug smugglers.

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