Jun 22, 2016

品詞 1 解説

品詞1 問題の解説&ヒントです。

1. If you have any _______ in any of the titles, please let us know.

(A) interest 名
パターン:have/take/show an interest in X

(B) interested 形(過去分詞)
パターン:Many people are interested in our service.

(C) interesting 形(現在分詞)
パターン:These results are very interesting.

(D) interestingly 副詞
パターン:The room is interestingly designed.

2. I used to get nervous when I had to speak in front of a lot of people because I wasn't a confident ________ at all.

(A) speak 動
パターン:He can speak well. / They speak well.
主語+動詞 (speak)

(B) speaker 名
パターン:He is a good speaker.
冠詞+形容詞+名詞 (speaker)

(C) speaking 動名詞・現在分詞
パターン:like/enjoy/avoid+動名詞 (speaking)

(D) spoken 過去分詞
パターン:spoken + language/English/words

3. Just 20 percent of the staff are _____ employed, whereas around 60 percent are willing to talk to a recruiter.

(A) happy 形(原級)
パターン:happy customers

(B) happier 形(比較級)
パターン:happier than before

(C) happiest 形(最上級)
パターン:the happiest people in the world
the+ -est+ in/of

(D) happily 副
パターン:live happily

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