Jun 27, 2013

2B June 27

June 20 Menu | Homework by June 27
  • Textbook: pp.22-23 (語句チェックなど)
  • Blog 1: Write a summary of the survey on sharing food photos (食べ物の写真の共有についての調査のサマリー) and your opinion of sharing food photos (or sharing photos in general). ▶See here
  • Blog 2: Watch the SonicPics videos on the student blog, and leave comments (if you haven't yet). 

June 27
  • Song: One Thing | Lab 
  • Textbook: pp.22-23 (Video Summary & Watch the video) | Worksheet
  • Blog: Reply to comments you got
  • ▶ How to use Blogger: Get Notified
  • Langauge Review | Blog (SonicPics)

Homework by July 4
  • Textbook: pp.23-24 (Worksheet を埋めてから; 音源はLab
  • Blogging: What I usually do { on weekends / in my free time / after school } 
  • Blogging: About sharing food photos (if you haven't done it yet)
  • Blogging: Online Learning | Q) What do you think of online learning? Do you learn or have you learned something online?  Do you read something online to get information? Have you taken an online course? What are the good or bad points about online learning? (次回)

Unit 1  American Buddhists  
Unit 2  Coral Reefs 
Unit 3  Drummers (Done)
Unit 4  Food Stylist
Unit 6  Faberge
Unit 7  Bees
Unit 9  Ocean Plastic
Unit 10 Pinball
Unit 11  Quiz Show
Unit 12  Rainforest
Unit 13  PRS Guitars
Unit 14  Women's Football
Unit 15  Video Gamers

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