May 9, 2013

2B May 9

★April 25: HW assignments by May 9

Conversation: Golden Week holidays (Take notes)
How was your Golden Week? 
  • Was it good, great, fun, exciting, boring, or not so special? Why? 
  • Did you have a great time? Were you busy working?  
What did you do during the break?
  • Where did you go?  Did you go out with your friends or family? 
  • Did you do something fun at home? 
Were you happy, satisfied, or sad about how you spend your time off? Why?  

Song: Too Much to Ask | Avril Lavine

English Mosaic: pp.17-19 ⇒ Go to Yamauchi Lab (Exercises & Worksheet)

Homework (By May 16)
  • Textbook | Read Introduction (pp.86-87)  
  • Blogging | Read your classmates' posts about GW holidays and leave comments on at least 2 posts. 
  • Blogging | Take or find 3 to 5 photos about something you like, and share them in a blog post, whose title would be "My favorite xxx".(写真だけでOK)         
Catch Up (今回まで&授業中の作業)
  • ブログ投稿:"About Me" "GW holidays"
  • ブログコメント:"About Me"の記事最低2つにコメント     

★How to use Blogger blog

(Sonic Pics で動画作成)

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