Apr 18, 2013

2B April 18

1. Survey on what you think/feel about learning English
→ Check the email on your iPad and you'll find the link to the survey.
→ Take a look at the result.

2. Your first writing: "About Me" (100 words; 15 minutes)
→ See the sample here.
→ Write on a sheet of paper, and submit it to the SA. You can use Eijiro.

3. Song: You're My Best Friend (Queen) - YouTube/Worksheet

4. Reading: English Mosaic U3: Drummers 
→ Reading aloud & Reading for meaning

★ in tune with...
in tune with music
in tune with nature

p.14 Questions
(1) What are drum circles?
(2) Are the people practicing, working or having fun?
(3) Where is the famous place to see a drum circle?
(4) Are all the drummers from Africa?

(3a) Use Google Maps to find ...
(3b) What are the "ethnic groups"? (See also this.)

5. p.15 Watch the video - Drummers (YouTube) (1)

6. Talking: Vocabulary & Expressions 
(1) What do you practice to improve? Do you practice ...? Do you enjoy...? 
(2) What can bring people together? Does anything in your hometown bring people together? What is your hometown famous for?
    (In Miyagi, Tanabata Festival bring many people together every year.)
★Post your answers in reply to this post.

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(7. p.15 Key Vocabulary)

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