Nov 8, 2012

2B November 8




Read & Talk about Festivals 

Movie Review

  1. Make a pair. 
  2. Look iMDB, Qwiki, or Wikipedia (EN) for a movie to review.
  3. Post the selected movie on the Facebook group 
You may want to review one of these (See also the FB Docs): 

  • (By 11/15) Write a 50+ word paragraph about watching movies, and post it to What's Up? ( How often do you watch movies? Do you like movies? Why or why not? What's your favorite movies? What kind of movies do you like? Who's your favorite actor/actress? )
  • (By 11/8) Leave comments to your classmates' posts. ★Ask a few good questions! 
  • (By 11/1) Write about a festival/festivals and post it to What's Up? 

◇ If you're interested in TOEIC, visit this site and try the quizzes.

Next week: 
  • Movie Review (Pair)

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