Nov 23, 2011

Mito Komon

I haven't watched this TV drama for a long time, but somehow I feel a bit sad to hear it'll come to an end. I used to watch it with my family when I was a little child. A long-running show like this reminds you of your childhood.

じゃれマガ 2011年11月16日号
I was sad to hear that they will stop the TV samurai drama "Mitokomon" at the end of this year. I used to watch it every Monday night when I first came to Japan. At that time, I didn't understand much Japanese, but I could understand the story. In each episode, Mito Komon and his group would find powerful people who were doing something bad. He would tell them to stop, but they would start fighting. Mito Komon always won at the end.
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