Aug 20, 2011

Long Day ...

The earthquake that had occured in the afternoon affected JR railway operations in Tohoku, when I was going there.

In Tokyo, passengers going to Yamagata were advised to take a Shinkansen bound for Sendai (not Yamagata) and transfer to the
 one for Yamagata at Fukushima. I followed this advice though I had reserved a seat in a Shinkansen for Yamagata (Tsubasa 267). 

Arriving at Fukushima around 9:00 pm, we were told that taking the local line (Ouu Honsen) would be faster than taking the next Tsubasa, which would arrive at Fukushima at 10:30 pm! 

I followed the adivice and took the local line. I was going to arrive at Yamagata at 11:20 pm. Five minutes before arriving Yamagata, our local train suddenly stopped because someone entered the rail track. We stayed there for 40 minutes, and arrived at Yamagata around 12:00 am. There was a long queue, waiting for getting a refund. I didn't want to wait any longer so I got a stamp to guarantee my refund. 

That was a long day.

Well, I safely arrived at my hotel, and found this comic books at a nearby convenience store. I couldn't fine Volume Two in Ichikawa yesterday. I enjoyed them though it's not about a happy story. 

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