May 17, 2011

1G 表現確認

  • during (the) Golden Week
  • on the weekend,  on Sunday
  • this Sunday, this weekend
  • next Sunday, next weekend
  • last  Sunday, last weekend

  • What do you usually do on Sundays?
  • What did you do on Sunday?
  • What will you do on Sunday?


  • There were a lot of customers. 
  • There were many customers.
  • (×) There were much customers.
  • I had a lot of homework.
  • I had much homework.
  • (×) I had many homework.

  • I had a lot of (many) things to do やることがたくさんあった
  • have a driver's license  運転免許を持っている
  • get a driver's license  運転免許をとる
  • invite 人 to ...
  • bad - worse - worst 

【How do you say ... in English?】
  • 授業名:politics, economics, geography, P.E., Korean
  • 友達とご飯:eat out with my friends, go for dinner with my friends

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